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Will Filing for Bankruptcy Hurt My Credit?

People often don’t want to file for bankruptcy because they’re worried about the effect on their credit history. Should they be? This is a surprisingly complicated issue. It’s true that bankruptcy, by itself, is considered a negative mark on a credit

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Foreclosure After Bankruptcy in Indianapolis

Many attorneys will advertise that it’s often possible for homeowners to keep their homes in bankruptcy. While that’s true, sometimes issues such as affordability or relocation will have you owing money on a house or condo that you no longer want. Are you stuck? To walk away from the

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3 Problems with Payday Loans

As a bankruptcy lawyer, I’m not a fan of taking on debt. But if you’re going to borrow money, some ways are worse than others. One of the absolute worst is a payday loan. Payday lending involves a borrower writing a post-dated check

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: When Plans Change

In Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you resolve your debt problems with a “plan.” The heart of a Chapter 13 plan is paying back at least some of your debt with your disposable income over 3 to 5 years. During that time,

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Should Your Small Business File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

I’m frequently contacted by Indianapolis small business owners who’ve decided to close their doors. The owner usually says he or she wants the debt-ridden business to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Is this a good idea? As we lawyers often say, “It

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