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Conrad Legal Now Accepting Debit Cards

At Conrad Legal, we’re always looking for new ways to make the bankruptcy process as easy as possible for our clients. In our last post, we discussed our ability to communicate with you via texting. Now, after many requests, we’re

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Why a Credit Report Isn’t Enough for Your Bankruptcy Attorney

When filing for bankruptcy, it’s important to list everything you owe. Not only do you have an obligation of full disclosure, but you also risk having a debt survive your case because you failed to include the debt in your

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What’s a “Debt Relief Agency”?

“As a debt relief agency, we help people file for bankruptcy.” These words appear on every page of this website, and you may have noticed similar language in marketing materials from other bankruptcy attorneys. Why? There’s something awkward and forced about

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Will Filing for Bankruptcy Hurt My Credit?

People often don’t want to file for bankruptcy because they’re worried about the effect on their credit history. Should they be? This is a surprisingly complicated issue. It’s true that bankruptcy, by itself, is considered a negative mark on a credit

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Foreclosure After Bankruptcy in Indianapolis

Many attorneys will advertise that it’s often possible for homeowners to keep their homes in bankruptcy. While that’s true, sometimes issues such as affordability or relocation will have you owing money on a house or condo that you no longer want. Are you stuck? To walk away from the

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